Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Now that the keel bolts have been replaced, the next thing for me to do is inspect the standing rigging. Much to my delight, all seems to be in order. However, the Masthead appears to be wobbly. So, I will unbolt the Masthead and check on the condition of the sheves.After my inspection, it appears that a sheve needs be replaced. (out of an abundance of caution). Next inspection: I will check to see if a compression tube has been inserted between the spreaders. I called Catalina Direct regarding sheves. Sheves retail for $9.95 a piece. The boat may not need four. I don't believe anything is to be gained by replacing all four. Lastly, Catalina Direct sells a owners manual. I will order and review this manual in future.

Happy Sailing

I will keep you all advised.

Stan Best

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