Saturday, November 14, 2009


One week's passed since the A Boat came back to the boat yard(My Home). My close examination shows that the cable was sheared away at a point just above the clevis pin and cable fork. Could it be that the point when the cable snapped was so forceful that it whipped away the end of the cable where one finds the cable fork ? This mystery may never be solved ;and, is fodder for theorizing. The good news is that the eyebolt, to which the cable's attached, is accessible and firmly screwed into the trailing end of the keel. See photo The replacement cable should be easy to install. The cost for the cable , with clevis pin, and cotter pin is about $60.00 via Catalina Direct. Once it gets here, I'll do the install. In the meantime, back to the mast step and plate repair. Stay Tuned.

Happy Sailing

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