Monday, August 31, 2009


The Masthead wobble is gone. the problem was only minor, ie tighten the bolt which secured the upper tangs. Horay for me. However, the anchor light and masthead light will need to be rewired.

Happy Sailing

Stan Best

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Now that the keel bolts have been replaced, the next thing for me to do is inspect the standing rigging. Much to my delight, all seems to be in order. However, the Masthead appears to be wobbly. So, I will unbolt the Masthead and check on the condition of the sheves.After my inspection, it appears that a sheve needs be replaced. (out of an abundance of caution). Next inspection: I will check to see if a compression tube has been inserted between the spreaders. I called Catalina Direct regarding sheves. Sheves retail for $9.95 a piece. The boat may not need four. I don't believe anything is to be gained by replacing all four. Lastly, Catalina Direct sells a owners manual. I will order and review this manual in future.

Happy Sailing

I will keep you all advised.

Stan Best

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I purchased a 1982 Catalina 22 in Shreveport, Louisiana. I shall relate, at some later date, how I came across this boat. She was formally owned by a member of our local the Yacht Club. This is my second Catalina 22. I will relate my efforts to get her back into sail away condition. My first problem dealt with the swing keel. The keel is secured by four bolts. Her keel only had two. Replacing the missing bolts became job One.

Since, I was going to replace all four bolts, I needed to lower the keel and inspect the keel hangers. Caveat-Never undertake this repair alone. You need at least one person to help you. I wish I had taken my own advice. However, it all went well. Total time was approx. 10 hours. The tools: A three ton floor jack- A two ton trolley jack- various 2 by 4's-four- 4 stainless bolts with lock washers (see specs for bolts in Fleet 20 newsletter referred to herein)-Loctite 242. Because of my trailer configuration, I was able to get under the trailer to perform the work. I have included some photos. The diagram, at left, illustrates a cross section of the keel hanger assembly.

I got my 3 ton jack under the keel and unscrewed the two remaining port side bolts. Next, I slowly lowered the keel. I removed the entire keel hanger assembly to inspect for any additional issues. Seeing no additional issues, I replaced the screws and added lock washers. I tightened the bolts to 20 lbs. I will recheck this repair in two weeks. Then, I will add the loctite 242.

I got this ideas for this repair from a number of sources. Please refer to the Catalina Direct Forum. Next, see Catalina22/ Fleet 20. April 2006 newsletter. Their website is Look under section titled : keel hangers and Pin If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, let me know. I will continue to increase my info in this area. Next Job- The Masthead-Replacing cracked sheves. Happy Sailing

Stan Best