Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Mast Step and Mast Step Plate are two different parts, as I have previously indicated.
One sits on top of the other. The plate is caulked to the deck. The step is caulked to the plate.
I called Catalina Direct technical support to get an idea on how to do the repair/upgrade that appears to be required here. I have concluded that that I'm dealing with a screw that may be stripped.This is a boat made in approximately 1982. It has the 2-1/2" lag screw. Catalina has since upgraded this feature to a 3-1/2 " lag screw. Assuming the screw is stripped, I will follow a procedure recommended by Catalina Direct: 1. Purchase the mast step mounting kit (which contains the 3-1/2" lag screw, sealant, etc.) 2. Purchase the West Marine epoxy. Fill the current screw hole and allow epoxy to harden. Re-drill hole for the new 3-1/2" screw. Be sure to caulk plate to the deck. And, caulk step to plate. If the reader ever encounters this problem area, contact CD. I have included a link to CD. for your convenience. http://catalinadirect.com/ Losing a mast is much more expensive than making this critical and easy repair/upgrade. Feel free to contact me if you need any help with this problem area. Back in the 70's I knew an experienced C22 owner who lost his mast due to lack of attention.

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  1. Time traveling from 2017 to benefit from your helpful post. Thank you! I need to make this very repair to our '75 Catalina 22.