Thursday, October 22, 2009


I went down to the marina, yesterday. I don't know if I was expecting the boat to fix itself or, by some miracle, the problem had somehow fixed itself. Unfortunately, the keel cable was still kaput and it still fell on me to fix this. Oh well. Fortunately, I have gotten tons of advice from many diverse sources. Some of the advice was on point. I gratefully received all of the advice. I am persuaded that I can fix this without inventing some novel approach to boat repair. The first step for me will be to (1) decide upon a specific repair plan, (2) marshal all of the equipment/ tools necessary, (3) estimate the manpower needs and costs for this project, (4) define the objective that I wish to achieve. In nutshell, I will plan the work. However, I will keep in mind that when or if all else fails, keep smiling. Stay Tuned

Happy Sailing

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